Amazônia Bioeconomy Connections

partnerships for technology, innovation and sustainability

in the Amazon Rain Forest

The 2022 Edition

In its first edition, the call for startups focused on sustainable bioeconomy in the Amazon region received 87 applications! Of these, 63 were selected for the qualifying stage and were analyzed by a juri of experts composed of German and Brazilian members.

At the end of the process, four startups were selected: Urucuna, Solalis, Quasar and Novaplanta. The Embassy is already working on identifying potential partners and, in December, representatives of the four companies will come to Berlin to carry out a customized R&D and business agenda.

Know more about the selected start-ups

home & personal care

sustainable river mobility

IoT and aerospatial services

seedling and bioprospecting

"The real development of the Amazon region depends on technological advances and innovative businesses that allow, at the same time, to overcome infrastructure bottlenecks and to intelligently and sustainably exploit forest resources, with the inclusion of local communities."

What it is about

The Brazilian Embassy in Berlin, through the project “Amazônia: bioeconomy connections”, aims to facilitate the establishment of partnerships between Brazilian initiatives focused on the bioeconomy in the Amazon biome and economic and/or technical-scientific partners in Germany.

The main focus, as the project is part of the Innovation Diplomacy Program (PDI), is on entrepreneurship initiatives linked to the generation of innovation. Innovation, here, understood lato sensu, as it involves both the development and application of new technologies that have an impact on products, processes or services, as well as the application of existing knowledge in generating solutions to development and infrasetructure problems in the region.

Up to five initiatives coming from start-ups and SMEs will be selected. They must be linked to:

a) the proposition of technical and management solutions for bottlenecks - whether technological, technical, logistical, managerial, commercial - in the supply chains of Amazonian products;

b) the research and development of new products and bioproducts based on Amazonian biodiversity, whether for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agricultural sectors, among others.

The selected initiatives will be offered support to identify and establish contact with potential German partners and also the possibility of traveling to Berlin - round trip tickets and accommodation for 6 nights for a representative of each initiative - to hold meetings, visits and present their business to potential technical partners and investors.

The trip must be carried out in the first week of December 2022.

Why participate?

Opportunity for direct contact with German science and technology institutions, companies and investors

Support for coming to Germany to search for international partnerships

Customized agenda for the RD&I demands of your business

What else you should know

Who can participate

Start-ups and SMEs, Individual Founders, Associations, Foundations, Cooperatives

  • Bioproducts

  • Bioprocesses

  • Environmental services

  • Supply-chains solutions

  • Cleantechs

  • Energytechs

  • Waste management, etc.

Selection phases

  • capture of proposals

  • prerequisite analysis

  • ranking of all valid proposals

  • PITCH+Q&A session with pre-selected

  • final selection

  • disclosure of the result

Important dates

  • Application Deadline: 05 Aug 22

  • Partial results disclosure: 12 Aug 22

  • PITCH + Q&A session with 10 shortlisted: 29-31 Aug 22

  • Final results disclosure: 05 Sep 22

  • Week in Berlin: 05-09 Dec 22

Partnerships covered

  • R&D financing

  • co-R&D, open innovation

  • feasibility of production processes on a pilot and/or industrial scale

  • specialist technical assistance and consulting

  • IP trade

  • philanthropy and impact investiment

Selection criteria

  • location and purpose: genuinely Brazilian and Amazonian candidacies

  • clarity in the description of the business and in the identification of demands

  • business alignment with:

the goals and demands that the project aims to meet

the types of partnerships that can be offered by German partners considering the legal restrictions

  • applications in English


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